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Bachelor in Hospitality Management

Overview of the Program:

Bachelor in Hospitality Management is an internationally recognized applied hospitality business management program. The program has a blend of classroom and real-world learning in the curriculum to prepare students as agile business leaders of 21st century service industries such as hotels, restaurants, travel and tourism, event management companies, etc. The program promotes work- based learning opportunities with one year internship period for immersive experiential learning. Upon successful completion of this four-year undergraduate program, students will have the necessary hospitality related technical, behavioral competencies and business management skills to have successful careers as entrepreneurs, managers and decision makers in the global hospitality industry.

Objectives of the Program

The main objective of the BHM Program is to prepare students to become competent, skilled, 

confident, and socially responsive hospitality professionals who can effectively take various managerial, entrepreneurial and leadership roles in service-focused business and social organizations in today’s competitive environment. More specifically, the program aims to:

1. Develop conceptual and procedural knowledge on operation, management and 

supervision of major departments of hotel, restaurants, homestays, or other related service industry;

2. Develop technical skills necessary for operation, management and supervision of major 

departments of hotels, restaurants, travel and tourism industry;

3. Deepen the knowledge and sharpen the expertise of students in their selected area within 

hospitality and tourism industry;4. Develop a habit of critical and creative thinking in students;

5. Develop analytical and problem solving abilities in students;

6. Improve collaboration, communication and presentation skills of students

7. Prepare students as sensible and responsive citizens with a high degree of professional, 

social and ethical values; and 8. Prepare students for higher studies (Masters’ level programs) in hospitality, tourism and other relevant areas.


Career Prospect

BHM graduates can find the employment opportunities in different organizations level in wide range of management role mainly, but not limiting to the following:

  • Hotel Management (Front Office,Housekeeping,Food and Beverage,Banquet,Revenue and General Manager)
  • Event Management (Event Coordinator,Event Planner,Event Manager, Sponsorship Manager, Public Relations Manager)
  • Food and Beverage Management (Food and Beverage Director, Restaurant, Catering and Bar Manager)
  • Travel and Tourism (Travel Consultant, Tour, Tourism Marketing, Destination Manager and Airline Manager)
  • Sales and Marketing (Sales, Marketing, Brand, Product and Digital Marketing Manager)
  • Customer Service (Customer Service, Guest Relations, Call Center and Customer Experience Manager)

Program Highlights:

  • It is an eight semester long, practical skill oriented academic program with one year of internship in the hospitality industry.
  • It provides students experiential learning (learning by doing) and earning opportunities via casuals and internship
  • Hospitality being a very diverse sector, the program provides students with an opportunity to identify their passion and shape their career accordingly in the global hospitality industry.
  • The program includes learning activities within and beyond the classroom to prepare the students for the real world challenges.

Expected Output:

After successful completion of the four-year program, a BHM graduate is expected to be one or all of the followings:

  • A hospitality professional with passion, confidence, positive attitude, empathy, in depth technical knowledge, skills and experience needed for smooth management of interested departments of a luxury hotel, restaurants, homestays, or other related service industry.
  • An entrepreneur who can start-up a thriving hospitality or related business and manage it in today’s competitive business environment;
  • A strong candidate with a sound academic background and skills necessary for further study in the area of business.
  • An individual with most of the essential life skills and growth mindset.