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Bachelor in Professional Hospitality (BPH)

KU GATE Hospitality Management Program

Learn-while-you-Earn and Earn-while-you-Learn!  An immersive learning through experiential stimulation.

“Young people are motivated by experiencing professional and vocational learning which is demanding, reflects the needs of the modern industry, is professionally resourced and is taught by people with relevant experience.

About the program

The major focus of this degree program is to develop professional practitioners through both the development of the relevant knowledge and understanding and the professional competencies and skills required of the hospitality industry in the 21st Century. The graduates of the programme will have had the opportunity to develop into self- confident individuals with enhanced professional skills, who respect diversity and understand cultural differences and are able to take an holistic view of the industry and hospitality related operations. These graduates will be highly sought after by industry as they will have become professional practitioners in their specialist field and have demonstrated that they can make a real difference to any hospitality situation.

The innovative world-class hospitality education program will champion KU’s initiatives of quality, innovation, equity, identity, impact, and global engagement. The students enrolled will 

learn-while-they-earn and earn-while-they-learn to cover their tuition fees. Other characteristics of this collaborative constituent program will be, close partnership with industry to enhance real-world learning, globally accredited programs, placements of students in the best hospitality organizations during the study duration and internship, the involvement of international students, tailor-made learning for students with competency-based evaluation criteria, and promote indigenous elements of Nepali culture in the curriculum. 

Distinctiveness about the program

-  Philosophy of the program is aligned with the requirements of the industry and provides an opportunity for the youth who are at the fringe of the socio-economic section in Nepali society to have access to global standard quality higher education in hospitality.

- The program has been designed so that the students enrolled in the program spend more time in the industry enhancing their knowledge, skills and competencies by developing attitudes required to be a successful professional in the hospitality industry.

-Evaluation distinctiveness

-Financial affordability

“learn-while-they-earn and earn-while-they-learn”

-Close partnership with industry to enhance real-world learning,

-Globally accredited programs,

-Placements of students in the best hotels during the study duration and internship,

-Involvement of international students,

-Tailor-made learning for students with competency-based evaluation criteria, and

-Promote indigenous elements of Nepali culture, cuisine and hospitality in the curriculum.