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Master in Business and Economics (MBE) is a post-graduate program of Kathamandu University provides understanding of micro and macroeconomics, as well as quantitative tools and applicable environmental economic principles. It provides students with practical and theoretical economic knowledge, as well as management education, to assist them in making critical assessments of national and international policies, as well as changes in government structure and laws.

The program equips students with the necessary abilities for understanding financial markets, anticipating financial outcomes, and calculating risks. The program is ideal for students with a strong interest in national and international economic issues and the ability to collect, evaluate, and portray huge amounts of data.

A master's degree in business and economics combines the fields of business administration and economics. It is a comprehensive education that aids in the discovery of economic processes and mechanisms as part of a larger picture. These courses cover the most significant components of both subjects, and you'll learn about economic processes from the standpoint of firms as well as from a macrosocial perspective.

Admission Open for 2024 spring Batch 

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