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MPPM Course Evaluation

Course Evaluation

Subject teachers have complete responsibility and authority to evaluate academic performance of the students. The students will be evaluated through continuous in-term assessments as well as end-term examination. In-term assessment may include:


  •          Written test
  •          Quizzes and oral test
  •          Workshop practices
  •          Assignments
  •          Term paper
  •          Project work
  •          Case studies, analysis and discussion
  •          Open Book test
  •          Class participation (among others)


Evaluation components and their weightage are decided by the concerned faculties prior to the commencement of the class. End-term examination is normally a paper and pen test.

Grading Scheme


In each course, students will be evaluated on a 4-point scale as follows:











Grade Point










The grades indicate the quality of a student's performance as follows:


A          =                Outstanding

A -       =                Excellent

B+       =                Very Good

B          =                Good

B-        =                Fair

C+        =                Fair

C          =                Fair

F          =                Failure


Apart from the letter grades mentioned above, the following letter grades can also be awarded


W        =               Withdrawn

IN        =               Incomplete

NC       =                Noncredit Course


'W' indicates that a student has officially withdrawn from a course without grade or penalty. During the regular term, a student seeking to withdraw from a course must do so before the final examination with the permission of the concerned faculty member.  'W' will not be processed after the final examination.  'NC' indicates that student has officially attended a course till the end and completed it successfully but for which no credit will be given.  A student can take non-credit course only in addition to the credit hours required for the fulfillment of degree.  'IN' indicates that a student has not completed all the assignments required in the particular course. 


The students must register for the courses among the courses offered in given semester before the start of any semester without which the students are not allowed to sit in the examinations of the courses.


Failures, Probation and Dismissal


Students must maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5 or above at the end of each semester, failing which he will be placed on academic probation and is required to improve his Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) in the following semester.  If they fail to improve their CGPA by the end of the following semester, they will not be allowed to continue to the subsequent semester until they clear all the courses in which they have failed and improve their CGPA.


No student can graduate with 'F' in any particular course. If students get 'F' in any course, they are required to repeat the course whenever offered by the School by paying necessary fee for the course.


The concerned faculty members award a temporary grade 'IN' to students for incomplete work.  The case concerning 'IN' grade must be settled by the students in consultation with the concerned faculty member within a month from the date of announcement of grade in the course, i.e. date of issue of grade sheet of the semester, failing which the Dean's office will automatically convert the 'IN' grade into an 'F' grade. Therefore, it is a responsibility of the students to ensure that the concerned faculty submits the grade of incomplete work before the stipulated time.


There will be no re-examination for any student who is absent during the final examination. Absence will be considered as incomplete (IN).


The maximum time allowed to complete the master is four year from the date of admission into the program failing which all of his grades and cumulative grade will get cancelled automatically.




  • High scholastic achievement of students is recognized upon graduation by awarding Graduation with Merit based on CGPA

Scholarship and Financial Aid

  • KU SOM provides scholarship/financial aid based on merit as well as need of the students.