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Research Proposal

Research Proposal

a.The candidate shall prepare a detailed research proposal under the guidance of the Advisory Committee and submit it for defense to the Research Committee within two years of admission in the PhD program. The proposal defense will follow after recommendation by the Advisory Committee.

b.The candidate shall give a proposal defense seminar to the Research Committee, in which faculty of the School or other experts, other PhD candidates, and interested students from other graduate programs of the School may be invited. 

The Research Committee shall approve the thesis proposal in writing after which the candidate shall formally start his/her research work.  The candidate, however, is expected to refine, revise, and change the proposal based on feedback at the defense, if any, before getting formal approval. Any minor revision on title change should be done within one year of registration to the PhD program. 

Completion and Submission of Research Thesis

a.The candidate shall pursue his/her research work at the School of Management or at any other institution approved by the Research Committee during the period of his/her study program.

b.The Research Committee may grant an extension of the thesis completion period by a maximum period of one year beyond the officially designated five-year only upon justifiable ground, which should be recommended by the Advisory Committee. 

c.If the candidate is permitted an extension by one year beyond the total period of five years, he/she should re-register for the thesis with payment of fees.

d.The thesis submitted for examination should satisfy the following requirements:

  • It must be an independent and original piece of research.
  • It must demonstrate satisfactory use of academic research competency and make contribution to the existing knowledge in the related field.
  • It must be satisfactory in terms of language and presentation.
  • It must be written in English following the format and style prescribed by the Research Committee.
  • Plagiarism

a.Plagiarism, i.e. copying from one or more published sources without proper citation, is a serious offence and will result in rejection of the thesis.

b.The Research Committee shall from time to time issue rules and norms defining the conditions of Plagiarism.

  • Evaluation Criteria

The thesis will be evaluated in the following criteria.

  1. Clarity of research problem 
  2. New knowledge and explanation of its relationship and gap with current knowledge
  3. Presentation of research method
  4. Grammatically correct language and presentation

Authenticity of data used and pursuance of research ethics, including application to human subjects.