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MPhil Curriculum

MPhil in Management is an intensive two-year full-time study program stretched over four semesters of 16 weeks each. Students are required to take a minimum of 42 credit hours’ courses that include core courses, specialization, and an elective along with a research thesis. Three semesters are purely assigned for study of course works, with the last semester set aside for completion of MPhil thesis.

The program consists of 8 core courses of 19 credits, 4 specialization courses of 9 credits, and one elective of 2 credits and a research thesis as outlined below:

Core Courses (19 Credits):
MAS 701 Statistics for Research [2]MAS 711 Multivariate Analysis [2]RES 712 Advanced Research Methodology [3]RES 715 Qualitative Research Methods [3] ECO 702 Advanced Economics[3]

ECO 721 Applied Econometrics [2]
GEM 721 Philosophical Foundations in Management (2)
GEM 732 Contemporary issues in Management (2)

Specializations (9 Credits):

Students may specialize in one of the following areas:

  1. General Management
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Human Resource (HR) and Organizational Behavior (OB)

Specialization area consists of a total of 9 credit hours – two 3 credit courses and one 3 credit research seminar. The courses offered in each of the concentration areas are given below.

A. General Management:

GEM 711 Leadership Theories and Issues
GEM 712 Advanced Strategic ManagementGEM 722 Business, Government and Society
GEM 761 Research Seminar in General Management
GEM 781 Directed StudyGEM 742 Organization Theory

B. Finance:

FIN 741 Mathematical Methods in Finance 
FIN 702 Advanced Finance Theory 
FIN 731 Advanced International Finance 
FIN 721 Financial Derivatives
FIN 761 Research Seminar in Finance
FIN 781 Directed Study
C. Marketing

MKT 752 Advanced Consumer Behavior [3]
MKT 741 Advanced Marketing Communication [3]
MKT 771 Advanced International Marketing [3] MKT 742 Advanced Brand Management
MKT 761 Research Seminar in Marketing [3]MKT 771 Advanced Strategic MarketingMKT 781 Directed Study [3]
 D. HR and OB Specialization:
GEM 711 Leadership Theories and Issues
HRM 721 Advanced OrganizationalHRM 731 Organizational Development and ChangeHRM 742 Organization TheoryHRM 771 Human Resource StrategiesHRM 762 Research Seminar in HR and OBHRM 781 Directed Study

Elective Course (2 credits hours):

A student can select any course from the area beyond his/her specialization or one mentioned below as elective course:

  1. GEM 721 Business Environment Analysis
  2. MAS 721 Advanced Operations Management
  3. ECO 722 Advanced Econometrics
  4. ECO 741 Industrial Organization

Research Thesis (12 credits):

Students will prepare their research proposal at the end of 3rd semester, and submit it for defense by the beginning of 4th semester. The candidate has to select a thesis advisory committee comprising of at most two members, which is to be approved by the Research Committee of the School. Upon successful defense of the proposal, the candidate will proceed to conduct research in frequent consultation with the advisory committee. Candidate is expected to complete the thesis by the end of 4th semester through a viva-voce examination scheduled by the Dean’s Office.